How to fit

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Before fitting your new glass splashbacks please ensure that the wall surface is relatively even and free of any obvious bumps and hollows. The walls do not have to be perfectly even as a little extra adhesive can be added in hollow areas and less where there may be a slight bump. Using our neutral cure, solvent free silicone, squeeze out equally sized blobs (roughly 20mm about 100mm apart. Be careful not to put any blobs too close to the edge as the silicone may squeeze over the edge of the glass and make a bit of a mess.
How to fit upstands, cooker and shaped splashbacks
Simply press the glass against the wall and apply pressure over the entire surface of the glass. If at any point the glass feels a little ‘bouncey’ when pressed against the wall then pull it back off and add more silicone at that point. Put the glass back on the wall and test it again, if there is still a bit of movement then repeat the process until the entire panel feels solid on the wall.
How to fit upstands, cooker and shaped splashbacks
Once fitted correctly the splashback/s should now be sealed using the same silicone as used to adhere. Run a bead of the clear silicone around the entire perimeter of all panels. Using warm soapy water, spray the silicone and remove the excess with your finger for an even seal. The warm water will stop the silicone clinging to the surface of the glass.
Please do expect a small amount of the silicone to stick to the glass and / or other surfaces.
To remove any errand silicone we recommend using our wonder wipes which can be added to your order on then basket page.
How to remove excess silicone from a glass splashback
The silicone will take around 18-24 to get a firm grip of the splashback and for the seal to set. During this time please do not move or aggressively clean the glass. While we do recommend that as much silicone as possible be removed from the surface of the glass immediately, please do not try and clean too close to the perimeter during the first 18-24 hours. The wonder wipes can be used the following day to remove excess silicone close to the edge of the glass. Any normal glass cleaning product can be used along with a normal cloth, and we then recommend a micro fibre cloth to remove any streaks and complete the process.
How to clean a glass splashback

We are at hand to answer any queries you may have, please feel free to contact us if you are unsure about any of the above.