Our colour range



Finding the right colour

Our range of Glass Splashabacks are made by back painting toughened glass (specialised paint is used with hardener added). We have purposely created our colour range so that you can find the right colour for your glass splashback, by getting tester pots of paint from your local paint store. We can of course provide glass splashback samples in your chosen colour at a cost of £10 including postage. You'll recieve a 10cm x 10cm glass sample, along with rubber feet to use as a coaster after. 

As with choosing the perfect colour for your walls you may find that the colour you think you want is perhaps one or two shades too dark. So it is a good idea to get two or three tester pots made. Don't throw the pots out after though, it is best practice to paint around the edges that are to be sealed and behind your joins so that these are less noticeable!

We can match a splashback in all branded paint names. We also colour match to items! So if your ideal shade is a pair of new silk pants from M&S you've just bought, we can match it! (We may need you to post us your item, which we can send back with your new splashback!)

We can help with colour inspiration on our Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram pages. You'll find albums with hundreds of pictures to inspire.