*Colour picker to be used as a GUIDE ONLY, to be sure you get the colour you want please order a sample. Colours can vary dramatically by monitor or device.

Furniture Protection

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Please note that we can only supply tinted glass 6mm thick at this time
Please enter valid measurements in the textboxes above. (minimum height/width is 100mm) Sorry but it's not possible to ship items over 2.9 metres in length. Please note that items over 2400mm incur a delivery surcharge of £20.

Furniture Protection

Our range of glass surface protection is made from toughened glass, and is available in clear or in any colour...you can even add glitter!

Lay over furniture as surface protection. Our surface protectors come with rubber feet/protector pads enabling you to lay your new glass over your existing furniture. For a bespoke look, you can remove these pads and lay the glass flat on the table (as pictured above).

Enhance your decor and furniture. We love glass, and believe it is the perfect accent to any room. Whether it is colour, clear, tinted or even sandblasted, glass instantly adds a premium feel. In a recent project of ours for a client as an example, we updated their Ikea furniture with a custom glass top that was sandblasted with a travel design (prices for bespoke designs available on request), the client liked the design so much they carried on the travel theme in their study.

Coordination with your room scheme. Available in any paint colour, why not coordinate your furniture protection with your room?

Chooosing a Colour. Our core protection range is made with Pilkington float glass, float glass is the industry standard glass type for the majority of applications. Whilst these products are still, like our splashbacks, made from toughened glass, they are not made from low iron glass. For this reason, lighter colours can be affected by the iron content of the glass. White for example will become a light green whereas blues, greens, reds and darker colours will be largely unaffected.

If you wish to see how these colours will look on float glass please order a sample (and specify that you would like a sample of float glass in your chosen colour (i.e. Dulux Atmosphere on Float Glass). We can offer a low iron option at a higher cost (opti clear glass), this is exactly the same product in most respects except that much of the iron has been extracted during production of the glass itself. Please contact us for more information about ordering a low iron furniture protector.

Our colour picker is a guide only, there are many factors that influence how a colour may appear on your screen. The device type, screen manufacturer, your chosen colour, contrast and brightness settings for your device and of course the type of glass ordered - opti or float. To avoid any disappointment with your choice/order, we strongly recommend that you order a sample . Samples are currently £10 amd will be with you within 7-10 days (our bespoke samples are made/ppainted to order).