Splashbacks FAQs

How long will my order take?
We have two "standard sizes" in stock ready to be painted any colour, these are 600mm x 750mm and 900mm x 750mm (neither have drill holes as standard). These sizes are delivered within a week, all other coloured and printed glass splashback orders typically arrive within 2-3 weeks. 
What is Clearshield?
The Cleashield coating makes the glass easier to clean and stay cleaner for longer, it is applied to the surface of the glass.
What are your payment options?
We use Paypal but you do not need a Paypal account to use it, you can use a credit/debit card to pay on a secure server (please see the "Don't have a Paypal account" section on Buy Now page). If you'd prefer you may also send us a cheque, just print this page and send it along with your payment to our business address
Will the glass thickness affect the colour?
Yes, the thicker the glass the more the colour of the glass will be altered. We do use low iron glass for the majority of our colour ranges but there is still some iron content in our glass so the thicker the glass the more the colour will be affected. If in doubt, order a sample. 
How accurate are the sample colours?
We do our best to match paint colours to a high degree of accuracy, the formula we receive from our suppliers is usually around 97% accurate. Samples are to help you see what colour you should expect to receive however as glass splashbacks are made by back painting glass there can be slight differences in shade/tone but again should be around 97% accurate, we cannot guarantee a higher degree of accuracy at this time (this is standard for the tile and paint industry). 
How accurate is the glass size?
Again, we do our very best to make glass splashbacks the exact size requested but 
Help me find a colour
It can be difficult to find the right paint colour from the small boxes on our quoting tool, so we have made a page for each colour range to make this easier. Simply visit the correct page from the below options and click the colour name you like, this will preload the colour picker on our quoting tool with your chosen colour.

Dulux Colours | Farrow and Ball Colours | RAL Colours | BS4800 Colours

Many people have issues finding simple/plain colours, the main questions we get are:
What colour is black - RAL 9005 (In the RAL colour range) or BS Black in the BS4800 range.
What colour is white - RAL 9003 is the most white in the RAL range or BS White in the BS4800 range.
Can you help me more with choosing a colour?
If you are unsure how to pick a colour you can go ahead and order then just email us after to let us know the colour you want. If you are in any doubt about ANYTHING please just phone or email us

One useful tip to help pick your colour if you are concerned about what the colour looks like in real life we would always recommend that you first order a sample. All of our glass splashbacks are made by back painting toughened glass, we match as close as we can to a lot of paint ranges including Dulux, Farrow and Ball, BS or RAL. As we do not have the actual paint from these paint manufacturers we cannot in any way guarantee that our paint will be an exact match, our paint suppliers provide us with a formula for each colour which is their best advice on how to recrerate the same colours by mixing a number of their paints and tints. For this reason their may be subtle variations in some colours so we strongly advise that you order a sample to know what to expect.The current accuracy for most paint ranges is around 98%.
What is the optional extra you offer called Clearshield?
Clearshield is basically just a surface coating that is applied to the glass that creates a barrier on the surface making the glass stay cleaner for longer, more resistant to grease and easier to clean. 
What are your terms and conditions?
You may find our Terms and conditions here. 
Can I send my own templates or drawings?
Yes, not a problem. Just email us for information on how to do this. 
Can I order one piece now and the rest of my glass at a later date?
We strongly advise against this for the following reasons:
  • A number of base paints and tints are used to create the colours of our splashbacks, every base paint pot could be a tiny bit different to the last so the colour will be slightly different.
  • Our products are made from Low Iron glass, but each batch of glass can have varying amounts of iron which will very slightly affect the colour.
  • One thing we like to do is always improve and if our suppliers aren't meeting our high expectations we may find another, so again a different paint or glass supplier may cause a colour difference.
  • If the reason for this is funding, in some circumstances, we may be able to store the paint batch for you for a limited time.
Is delivery to areas outside UK mainland extra?
The delivery prices quoted are for mainland UK and Northern Ireland only, all other areas please contact us for a price. Not all colours are available in Northern Ireland but we will do our best to get your chosen colour or a close enough match. We have recently got the shipping rate for Offshore Islands such as the Channel Islands, Isle of Mann etc. down considerably they are now only an extra £15 to ship to. It is still an unfortunate extra cost but our company policy is to only charge customers the actual shipping costs, the price to make our wooden crates is not included in our delivery charges.
Do you ship to Europe?
Yes we ship our glass splashbacks to Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Nederlands, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Italy, Finland, Liechenstein, Norway, Croatia, Portugal, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia. You will get a price for shipping on the My Basket page, our prices are very reasonable 
How much do your splashbacks cost?
The price varies depending on size and painting options. You can get your glass in any colour you choose, our products are toughened safety glass. Toughened safety glass may be used behind gas hobs (unlike most off the shelf splashbacks from DIY chains), it is also several times stronger and much more impact resistant.
How do I cancel my order?
As our orders are bespoke you cannot cancel once the manufacturing process has begun, however it may be possible to cancel before this. Please read our terms and conditions before placing your order.
How do I obtain a quotation?
Simply use our automated quoting tool.
Is there a maximum size of splashback I can order?
Our maximum height or length is 2.4 metres or 2400mm, we can make glass longer than this however it incurs an additional oversize item cost as they need to be sent in specialised courier vehicles.
How do I fit my splashback?
Please see "How to Fit".
Do you make single splashbacks?
Yes, we can supply single splashbacks.
How long will my order take?
We aim to deliver your splashbacks in about three weeks. As they are custom made to your specifications, they take a little longer than off the shelf products. Please also allow for public holidays etc.
What colours are available?
Please see our glass splashback colour range page for full details, other colours may also be matched if you can provide us with a sample. We would also recommend that you also order a sample afterwards to check you are happy with the colour match as we only guarantee a 97% colour match.
Is your product safety glass?
Yes, all our glass is 6mm toughened glass. We can also offer 10mm or 19mm glass should you require it, however we do not stock it so it takes a little longer to supply.
How do I measure a full wall splashback or T shape?
There are certain issues you may run into if you do not measure correctly (the internal radius of inside corners etc.) so we have prepared some instructions in our tutorials section for you.
What condition should the wall be in?
Walls should be relatively flat. Any peaks or bows in the wall of greater than 3mm should be sanded or filled accordingly. 
Can I fit glass on top of my existing tiles?
We would not recommend this.
How are the glass edges finished?
All external glass edges are polished for a neat finish.
Are your splashbacks heat resistant?
Yes, the toughened glass will not crack behind a hob.
Are Glass Splashbacks made to Standards?
Yes, the glass is manufactured to British Standard 12150. 
Is there a warranty on  your Product
The glass comes with a 7 year guarantee against discolouration..
How do you clean your glass?
The glass can be cleaned with normal household window cleaner.