How to measure for a cooker splashback

how to measure a cooker splashback
Diagram 1 shows the required measuring points for a basic rectangle. It is often the case that the required splashback will not be a perfect rectangle (ie. It will have to be tapered on one or more sides to accommodate existing kitchen surfaces).

Measurements B and D for example may well vary by a few mm so please double check measurements to ensure a neat fit. Please also remember to allow an expansion gap where necessary.

Typically sides 1, 2, & 4 will need to have an allowance of 2mm and side 3 can sit directly on the work surface. If the splashback is not to be fitted between two wall units then no expansion gap is necessary on sides 2 & 4.

Similarly, if side 1 is not fitted directly under a cooker hood then no expansion gap is required. For any splashbacks that require a taper or diagonal side, please sketch the required sizes and upload the drawing on our ‘Contact us’ page.

If you are unable to upload a sketch please send the written measurements and we will email you a sketch for your approval.
We also have further tutorials on how to measure shaped splashbacks, upstands and full wall coverings should you need them.

Any shaped glass with an internal corner will be manufactured with a radius, see Fig 6. Unfortunately it is not possible to toughen the glass with a sharp internal right angle. The radius will be the same as the thickness of the glass, so 6mm thick glass will have a 6mm radius for example. Please take extra care when measuring any such areas to ensure sufficient clearance is given, if you are unsure then

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